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3 Tips To Choose The Right-and-Only Leather Belt For You

3 Tips To Choose The Right-and-Only Leather Belt For You - Vinacreations

Leather belt is an inseparable accessory for every gentleman. However, choosing the right leather belt for men is not easy; it can be too loose or too tight, making you feel uncomfortable. Besides, not every leather belt color can match your clothes, so follow us to see Tips on how to choose the right and only leather belt for you.


1. Choose the right color

Basic leather color is a black leather belt and a brown leather belt. It can easily match every outfit. Both casual and formal. No belt colors can beat the black leather belt and brown leather belt.

Blue or green leather is also pretty easy to match with your clothes. Vinacreations are available with any color of leather belt you want. Visit the site and pick the right color for you.

If you are a little too afraid to pick colors, just pick the most common one for easy matching.

2. Pick a genuine leather belt


The artificial leather belt is also affordable. However, a genuine leather belt is way more durable and cheap than how long you can use a genuine leather belt.
On the other hand, the leather belt was bent when you used it, vegan leather can cause wrinkles and crack, but Vinacreations genuine leather belts don’t.
Genuine leather belts have an unrivaled level of aesthetic appeal. They have a natural grain direction that regular leather doesn’t usually have. Genuine leather belts have a softer texture compared to artificial leather. So, while it may be necessary to spend a few extra dollars, a genuine leather belt can pay for itself in prolonged use.

3. Choose the correct width and length

_ How to choose the belt size 

Most people consider the length of the leather belt, leather belt hole punch can solve this problem. For extra carefulness, measure for waist before buying. Purchase a leather belt at least 4 inches longer than your waist size. 




How to choose the belt width

If you pick the wrong width, it won’t fit around your waist and match your clothes. Measure the belt loops carefully before making any purchase. 


We hope that after reading this article, you will know how to pick the right leather belt for you. Check our store at the site to look for more genuine leather belts. If your leather belt doesn’t fit, you can return and exchange for another one within 15 days, due to our 15 days return policy. If there are any concerns, please contact us.