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4 Simple Steps On How To Clean A Leather Wallet

4 Simple Steps On How To Clean A Leather Wallet - Vinacreations

Genuine leather is a durable material and always comes with lifetime insurance, especially the alligator leather wallet from Vinacreations. However, If you don’t know how to clean your leather wallet properly, you can destroy your leather wallet in no time. Vinacreations will help clean leather wallets for men with only 4 simple steps on how to clean leather wallets without leather cleaner.


I. 4 steps on how to clean leather wallet

1. Empty the wallet inside out

Before cleaning your leather wallet, remove everything from it a leather wallet, including all cash and your card and ID. Don’t forget the loose change in your leather wallet.

You can also look through your wallet and discard any old receipts, expired coupons, or membership cards that are taking up unnecessary space. This will ensure your wallet is neat.

2. Identify dirty spots and stain

The next step is to identify the stains on your wallet once you've emptied and readied it for cleaning. Because you should limit the cleaning time on your leather wallet, you have to identify dirty spots and stains on your wallet before starting cleaning.

This step may appear to be time-consuming, but it will assist you in managing your expectations.

Not all stains can be removed entirely. As a result, you'll have to make certain compromises to give your leather wallet a newer, cleaner appearance.

3. Lightly clean leather wallet

Leather wallet experts recommend vinegar, water, and alcohol to clean the leather wallet at home. The best way to clean a leather wallet is alcohol because it will evaporate right after applying.

If there are some ink stains on your wallet, be patient because these spots are a bit harder to clean.

If the stains are dirt stains, use vinegar water to remove them. A more potent solvent, such as rubbing alcohol, can be used to remove more persistent stains like paint or ink. Alcohol is also an excellent antiseptic, killing most viruses and germs on the leather surface.

Slowly work your way from one side to the other until you've removed all of the dirt from the surface and see the cleaner beneath.

Repeat the technique on the other and all internal sides and pockets. After removing all of the dirt and stains, use the second cloth to dry the surface.

4. Drying your leather wallet

There are two ways to dry a leather wallet properly and completely, and both need patience.

_ Wrap your wet wallet in a clean hand towel gently. Fold the towel in half to completely cover the wallet. Ensure the wallet is wrapped in its natural shape without applying pressure. Allow at least 12 hours for the moisture in this wallet to evaporate in a well-ventilated environment.

_ The second option is identical to the first, except instead of wrapping the wallet in a towel, use a single piece of fabric to cover it.

II. Things to avoid when you clean leather wallet

1. Don’t wash or clean with water only

Never let water seep into your wallet because it will make the wallet warp and wrinkle. The presence of natural oils in the fibers of leather wallets makes them smooth and supple. While washing your leather wallet with water can remove the stains, and dissolve the majority of the oils, leaving your leather wallet dry and brittle. Leather that is dry and fragile is prone to cracking.

Although certain leather surfaces have a water repellent coating that makes cleaning with a wet cloth or cotton slub simpler, it is still not suggested to wash the wallet with water thoroughly.

2. Don’t blow-dry

Blowing dry leather wallets is a colossal mistake that will just convert the leather into something that looks jerky. Heat and leather aren't a good combination. As a result, air drying is the preferred method.

3. Don’t sundry

Putting the wallet under the sun will make it fade and become stained. It's not a good idea to leave leather out in the sun for an extended time. Overexposure to sunlight will have negative consequences for any natural product. Leather is a natural material manufactured from animal skin, and exposing it to the sun has the same impact as exposing yourself to the sun. Overexposure to sunlight causes premature aging, discoloration, dryness, and cracking, the most common consequences.

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