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How To Measure Watch Band Size: Apple Watch Band and Regular Watch Band

How To Measure Watch Band Size: Apple Watch Band and Regular Watch Band - Vinacreations

How To Measure Watch Band Size: Apple Watch Band and Regular Watch Band 

Sometimes, it is hard to tell what your apple watch band size or regular alligator leather watch strap size is. Vinacreations will help you to measure your alligator watch band just in some simple steps. At Vinacreations, you can Contact us for customizing If your wrist doesn't fit with our size chart. 


1. How to measure regular watch size


a. Determine the length


_ Check the length of your current strap

If you already have a leather strap that works, you can use that to gauge how long you'll need. Using an English ruler, measure the leather only (do not include the buckle) (remember, we are using inches to measure length).

_ Take a measurement of your wrist

Measure your wrist size by wrapping a strip measure around it and marking the point where the two ends meet.

Lay thestrip flat and measure it from where you mark to the end. Then, using the size chart below, determine your wrist size and then select the appropriate size.

b. Determine the lug size

Common Band Width / Buckle Width in regular watch strap at Vinacreations is 18mm / 16mm , 19mm / 16mm , 20mm / 18mm , 21mm /18mm , 22mm / 20mm.


Take a look at the distance between the lugs and measure it. Millimetres are used to measure the length of a strap.


2. How to measure apple watch band size


1. Use paper

_ Step 1. Cut the piece of paper into a band 

_ Step 2: Wrap around your wrist like wearning a watch,  take an accurate reading of how much room you have for expansion. If you don't have a tailor's measuring tape, please continue reading.

_ Step 3:  Start at the edge of the strip where you would normally wear a watch. Measurement can be improved by using a piece of tape to hold in place. Make sure it is stable and doesn


_ Step 4: Mark the overlapped section of the strip with a pen.


_ Step 5: Lay it flat, measure the distance between the starting edge of the strip and the line you marked.


_ Step 6: Go to the link here, press "Start your measurement"

_ Step 7: Click "Got it. "What's next?”,  put your measurement inside the box.


_ Step 8: Pick If you want it to fix precisely or a little loose. 


b. Use tool from Google

_ Step 1: Download the printable watch band size chart of Apple size chart here


This page should be printed in full-page mode. Don't print it in smaller size.

In order to ensure that your printout is accurate, please place a credit or identification card in the box below before printing. You're good to go if it's an exact match. Then follow the apple watch band size guide below.

_ Step 2: Cut out the shape

To wear it as a watch, place the wider end where the band would normally go. Use a piece of sticky tape to hold the wider end in place while you measure for more accuracy.

_ Step 3: Wear it like a watch on your wrist by wrapping it around it tightly. In order to prevent it from sliding up or down, make sure the tool fits snugly in your hand.

_Step 4: The size of your band can be found by noting the number the arrows point to on the chart.


_Step 5: Using the arrows, select the smaller of the two numbers closest to the line.

_Step 7: Go to the link  here , press "Start your measurement"

_Step 8: Click “Got it, what’s next?”

_Step 9: Pick your correct number, click continue. Apple will automatically measure your size.

==> Watch the video for easy measuring 

It is a little complicated to measure your alligator watch band size. However, we will try our best to help our dear customers. If you have any trouble finding the right size, contact us here so we can help you. Thank you for reading the article.