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5 Ways To Distinguish Between Genuine Leather And Vegan Leather

5 Ways To Distinguish Between Genuine Leather And Vegan Leather - Vinacreations

5 Ways To Distinguish Between Genuine Leather And Vegan Leather

Vegan leather and genuine leather is really hard to tell the difference. PU leather is really well-made, it resembles exactly the same as genuine leather.


However, genuine leather has a longer product-cycle than vegan leather. It is durable, worth the money. You can pass your genuine leather product by generations.


I. What is vegan leather? 

There are two main types of vegan leather materials: faux and PU (Polyurethane Leather). 

With vegan leather, you can easily identify it because this material is cheap, hard, covered with a layer of polyester on the surface, so it is very glossy. 


As for PU, it is easier to confuse, because this is a high-quality, soft imitation leather material that is almost like real leather. This material is commonly used for cheap leather products because it resembles the same look with affordable price. However, the nature of PU is still a form of artificial synthetic compound, so it can peel off over time.

II. 5 ways to distinguish genuine leather and fake leather!

1. Visual inspection


Visual inspection is the easiest step for consumers when purchasing a product. Because even though it has been processed and printed on the product, the pores cannot be faked. However, with high-end leather products, you can hardly detect this because they are treated and tanned too well, almost completely removing pores on the surface of the skin. However, this is only work with cow leather, alligator skin is a little too hard to detect.

If you buy a leather wallet, you can try the other 4 tips to inspect the real genuine skin.

2. Smell test

Real leather has a musty smell, while fake leather has a nylon smell or a chemical smell. When heating leather products: If it is real leather, the leather will be scorched and have a burning smell of organic compounds. While vegan leather will clump with a burnt smell like burning a plastic bag.


3. Feel and poke the leather

One way that you can basically tell the difference between real leather and fake leather is to press on the product. With real leather products, when pressed, they often concave around the finger while imitation leather products will not be able to have such elasticity.


4. Burn a small piece of your leather 

Synthetic leather, on the other hand, is extremely combustible and will smell like burning plastic, in contrast to real and genuine leather, which will get slightly scorched and smell like burnt hair. This is the most reliable method for determining whether or not the material is authentic.


Disclaimer: You only should apply this method when have extra piece from whole leather, otherwise, you might not get a refund because you destroy the products. You should also check the policy whether if the brand allow you to testify by this method. 

5. Purchase with real leather guarantee 

Most genuine leather will have a guarantee for their leather quality. If you purchase from them, you have less chance of getting scammed and buying low-quality vegan leather. If you ever identify or notice a fake leather scam, you can properly contact them and get a refund.

Vinacreations have a real leather guarantee for every purchase, from a low-price product like watch strap or high cost like leather shoes. Each of our products will come with a warranty for our dear customers. 


Above is Vinacreations entire share on how to distinguish real leather from fake leather. With the above 5 ways, you can completely know if the product is made from real leather. In addition, Vinacreations also notes to you the following points:

  • Not all leather are the same, some vegan leather can have a relatively similar pattern with real leather
  • Even though some faux leather look like real, they cannot replace the quality of genuine leather 
  • Price always goes hand in hand with quality

We invite you to visit our website to experience products made from 100% genuine leather.