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Top list of 4 Genuine Material For Leather Watch Band For Men

Top list of 4 Genuine Material For Leather Watch Band For Men - Vinacreations

Speaking about leather watch band, people often think about cow or vegan leather. However, cowhide is usually used for the inside lining, there are a variety of genuine watch strap material you can choose from our Watch strap collection. Today, let’s see 4 types of common material for leather watch bands!


1. Alligator leather watch band

The alligator leather watch band is the most common type and the best seller watch strap at our store. It brings so many advantages besides a variety of colors, models, and sizes. 

a. Unique grain direction


Each alligator or crocodile has a different grain direction on its skin. Their grain is like our fingerprint, no crocodile has the same exact pattern on their skin. Crocodile skins always possess very beautiful and diverse ridge characteristics. The pattern of each different crocodile are different, not overlapping, creating completely separate products. 

b. Flexible

Crocodile skin achieves suppleness and good elasticity that is difficult for any other animal to have. It is this advantage of crocodile skin that has contributed to making it a favorite skin type of leather enthusiasts.

 2. Ostrich leather watch band

For gentlemen, owning a watch strap or watch strap when going out is indispensable, but how to choose a watch strap to suit yourself and current fashion trends is never untrendy.

Among the most valuable and high-class watch strap globally, ostrich leather watch straps are arguably men's most prestigious fashion accessories. 

Ostrich Leather watch band is treated with modern technology to increase the product's durability. Handmade Vinacreations Leather Ostrich watch strap result from the creativity from the minds and very meticulous hands of experienced artisans; they are careful in each stitch, so they often have higher durability than manufactured products from the industrial machinery series. Handmade Ostrich band always products with unique designs, extraordinarily delicate and unmistakable.

3. Stingray leather watch band

Stingray skin is a material used a lot by the nobles. It is elaborately crafted with every fancy and shiny tiny vein, like hundreds of small sparkling pearls.

Today, stingray skin is no longer expensive and is widely used by artisans. This material is perfect for making a leather watch strap. This fine leather is so durable that it can last for years and generations.

a. Water-resistance

Since stingray skin comes from a type of fish, it has exceptional natural resistance to water that is not found in all leathers. It is also challenging to stain over time.

b. The unique white eyes

Another essential property of stingray skin is its uneven skin tone. There are often small circles at the stingray's spine covered with a denser density than the rest of the skin, forming "eyes". Each stingray has their pattern, these patterns are unique, and none of them have the same texture. That's why stingray watch bands are so special

4. Lizard leather watch band


Lizard leather is as luxurious as alligator and ostrich leather. It has the following features: Its beautiful texture, softness, and durability make it a favorite leather for handmade leather goods like wallets and watch straps.

a. Flexible to work with and wear

Lizard skin leather is desirable for many reasons than just its appearance. Like other types of leather that are used in the production of leather watch bands, Lizard skin is known for its exceptional resilience and flexibility.

b. Long-term use

Lizard skin is extremely beneficial for cosmetic purposes. This material is just as durable as any other material used in the production of the watch straps. 

Lizard skin leather can be worn semi-regularly while remaining free of visible cracks and abrasions. In addition, because lizard skin leather is exceptionally flexible, you won't have to be concerned about creases developing and ruining the cloth.

These four leather watch band are available at our store Take a look at our store and pick your favorite leather watch band.